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Frequently asked questions

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How can I find out the value of my house? 

The value of your house is determined by potential buyers in the real estate market. This value is commonly known as "market value" and is influenced by various factors such as prevailing market conditions, supply and demand dynamics, comparable sales of similar properties, size, location, condition, and any improvements made to the property. As a homeowner, you can increase the desirability and potential for a higher selling price by properly preparing your home and effectively marketing and promoting your listing.

What is the best way to determine the ideal listing price for my house? 

Start by researching the prices of similar homes in your neighborhood or nearby areas. Consider factors such as price per square foot, condition, location, improvements, upgrades, and the current market situation. A real estate agent can help you with setting the ideal asking price.

Will I get more for my home if I price it higher? 

Pricing your home with a little buffer room is common, but simply pricing it higher in hopes of getting higher offers can backfire. Overpricing your home can result in fewer showings and longer time on the market. This could make buyers question if there is something wrong with your home. Additionally, overpricing may exceed the maximum threshold for some buyers who would have been interested if it was priced correctly. You will likely receive a better price if you price it reasonably from the beginning and let the market drive the price up. This strategy should not be taken lightly.

What steps can I already undertake to prepare my house for a sale later?

There are things you can start with:  
- De-clutter as much as possible. 
- Pack up items you do not need. 
- Repaint if needed. 
- Make any necessary repairs to the interior or exterior. 
A real estate agent can visit your home and give you customized suggestions, but if you are not ready for that yet, these steps are a great start and can be done months in advance of a sale.

Is professional photography important? 

Professional photography is extremely important. It is crucial that the real estate agent has a strong connection with a skilled photographer, rather than just someone who owns a good camera. 

Should I interview multiple real estate agents?

You can definitely do so and most agents would expect it, but it is not necessary, especially if you already have a good relationship with a real estate agent that you know and trust. The right real estate agent can help you achieve better results, including increased profits in the end. 

I am ready to sell my house. Where do I start? 

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