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Find out how much you could borrow before you start looking for your new home. Find out what we may be able to lend you and what your monthly repayments could be.

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What will be the impact if the interest rate on your mortgage loan will change? Use our Interest rate change calculator to view the impact.

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Want to pay of your current mortgage earlier? Use our overpayment calculator to see how much you could save by making either extra monthly payments or paying a lump sum to your repayment mortgage.

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You want to reduce your monthly mortgage amount by making a lump-sum payment on your current mortgage loan? Use our reduce repayment calculator to see how much you could save each month.

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Traditionally, applying for a mortgage with banks on Curacao and St. Maarten you can be left waiting weeks, even months, before getting the clarity you seek on the terms and availability of a mortgage loan. First you need to complete and return endless paperwork to the bank's office, which makes it not only time-consuming but a frustrating process. In addition, when you do receive a deal you are not certain it is the best available on the market.

Connect The Market has the solution for you.

Apply online and receive an instant preliminary deal. Our algorithm automatically calculates how much you can borrow and offer you the best interest rates available. Save money on your mortgage payments as well as getting the most affordable insurance. Save time, save money and stay relaxed. Connect The Market has got you covered!

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