Available Products

Life Insurance

Protect yourself and family against the financial consequences of a premature death or serious injury. Through CTM, consumers can obtain local and regional quotes. 

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Permanent Disability Insurance

Get coverage to protect yourself and family against the financial consequences of a permanent disability. 

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Property and Content Insurance

Protect your property and contents against fire, theft, and other risks.

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Car Insurance

Protect your car against damage, theft and cover any potential legal & rehabilitation costs that may be required following a serious accident.

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Simple, Efficient & Transparent Insurance

Connect The Market gives consumers access to a wide range of insurance products from the best insurance companies in the Dutch Caribbean.

The Connect The Market platform is designed to make your life easier and remove all the guess work typically associated with obtaining insurances or other financial products.

You can easily apply for any of the aforementioned insurances online. By uploading the automatically generated required  documents you will receive a binding offer. All onboarding documents can be signed online.

Any questions during the onboarding process can be asked directly through the chat or easily by phone through one of our operators.

Connect The Market has got you covered!

  • Log-in using a code sent to you by email.

    No password required.

  • Choose the insurance product you desire.
    Complete your online application form in minutes.

  • Receive the best insurance offer directly!
    Immediately view your preliminary offer online including breakdown of associated costs. 

  • Securely upload supporting documents online.
    Required documents are generated automatically uploaded are encrypted and shared only with the trusted provider offering your deal.

  • After review by the financial institution, you will receive your binding offer.

    Sign your onboarding documents electronically and complete your insurance deal.

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Connect The Market, Here For You

Let the market do the work for you! 
Connect The Market provides consumers with an online tool to apply for a variety of financial products and services within the Dutch Caribbean. Connect The Market identifies the best market rates available and integrates the required onboarding.
100% Independent 
Connect The Market believes that consumer should be in charge of their own application. You choose, you decide. Connect The Market does not influence any decisions in the process. We just supply consumers with the best and most efficient way to get the financial product or service they require for the best terms available.
Always the lowest and most attractive deal

The Connect The Market framework streamlines key regulatory requirements when applying for financing or insurance products. Any interest from Service Providers is filtered to cater to your needs and only the best offer is made available for you.
Easy and quick 
Obtaining a preapproval can be done in a few easy steps. Any related questions are handled directly by a broker or relevant financial institution. 
Connect The Market brings consumers, brokers and financial institutions together in an online marketplace with the goal to inform and match consumers to the best options available. All Financial institutions are required to offer full transparency on the conditions and associated costs provided through Connect The Market.
One-stop shop! 
Any product that is offered through the Connect The Market portal is set-up as a turn-key solution to your requirements. After you have shown interest in an offer, you can directly speak with your account manager to ask any questions you might have and finalize the request.