van Engelen Estate, Landhuis van Engelen Mahaai, Curacao, Curacao – Luxury Home For Sale

van Engelen Estate, Landhuis van Engelen


For Sale Price
US$ 950,000
More than 8 bedrooms
Living area
300 m2

Property description

Nestled within the popular Mahaai suburb of Curacao, this exquisite colonial treasure, 'Landhuis van Engelen,' stands as a testament to the Dutch Caribbean's rich history and architectural grandeur. Listed as a protected monument, this former plantation boasts a two-story colonial country house that harks back to the elegant 18th century.

Perched centrally on a generous 7.456 m² estate, the country house offers commanding views of the picturesque Mahaai surroundings. Its classic design, the property of more than 300 m² is a true reflection of its era, featuring a hipped roof, slanted sections, and a core gallery on both the front and rear facades. Eight baroque adorned roof dormers lend an air of grandeur to the mirrored facades with terraces, the front boasting an inviting 129 m² terrace. Inside, some of the interiors are graced with rustic beamed ceilings, enhancing the historical ambiance.

What sets this Landhuis apart is its unique history. Unlike many others of its kind, it served as a second home for its original owner, primarily focusing on cultivation for personal use. Later, in the 20th century, the Henriquez family took over and successfully ventured into commercial cultivation. Their contribution included supplying laraha, the exotic fruit essential for crafting the world-famous Blue Curacao Liquor, to the thriving liquor industry in the forties.

Over the years, this Landhuis has undergone some changes, including renovations introduced by a previous owner. These alterations expanded the layout, incorporating an annex and a covered terrace section, along with a separate building suitable for use as maids' quarters or storage. The main floor now comprises a total of 16 areas, including the central section and front gallery, while the second floor boasts three bedrooms and an attic.

Despite its elevated position, which provides awe-inspiring vistas and makes it a notable landmark among the neighboring country houses, Landhuis van Engelen maintains an air of discreet elegance. Accessible via a private road, secured by a gate and camera system, it offers future owners a touch of seclusion. Additionally, a section of the property connects to the Santa Rosaweg, ensuring convenient access in the future from the main road.

Furthermore, this historical gem holds a unique distinction as a protected monument under the care of Monumentenfonds Curacao, bringing several advantages for prospective owners. These benefits include tax incentives and financial support for restoration efforts, making this estate an exceptional investment opportunity.

We invite you to contact our expert agents to discover the many residential and commercial possibilities that await within this extraordinary property or to schedule a viewing.


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Asking price
US$ 950,000
Asking price per m² (living)
US$ 3,167
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Surface areas and volume

Floor area
300 m2


Number of bedrooms
More than 8 bedrooms


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