Get your residency permit,

Certificate of Admission by operation of law

Residency Permits

What is a Declaration of Lawful Admission (Verklaring Van Rechtswege: “VRW”)?
In a nutshell, the Declaration of Lawful Admission ("VRW") is a mandatory approval document, if you want to work or live in Curaçao. The Certificate verifies that submitted documents like passports and birth certificates are correct. 

When do you need it?
1. Registration as a resident of Curaçao.
2. Working in Curaçao (even without registration as a resident).
3. Staying longer than 6 months in Curaçao.
What are the exceptions?
- Individuals born in Curaçao or children of parents born on Curacao do not need a VRW.
- Tourists may stay up to 6 months without a VRW.
Please note that without a VRW, you could face serious legal issues with extended stays or employment in Curaçao. The VRW is mandatory for internships in Curaçao to avoid fines and issues. 
The VRW is only needed if you are going to work for a Curaçao company. If you are temporarily going to Curaçao and will continue working from home for your Dutch employer, then a VRW is not necessary.

Residency Permit Application Process

Since 2022, the application process can be submitted on the website of ‘Toelatingsorganisatie’ (“Authority”). Expert help is recommended however due to the complexity and potential for errors in the process. Here at Connect The Market, the application process is fully automated and streamlined in such way to avoid misinterpretation of documents required and errors. An application must be complete and correct to avoid delays and additional costs. Note that re-applying means re-paying the fees to the Authority. Our Operator of Connect The Market will review the information you have uploaded, makes sure that full application is in accordance to the requirements by the Authority and submits the application to the respective Authority. Dutch nationals can begin working as soon as the VRW application is confirmed to be in processing. 

Document Requirements (Original documents available for inspection at permit pickup)

When applying for a VRW, you need to submit various documents:

Has sufficient means of subsistence 
Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG), not older than 3 months
A Copy of valid passport
A Birth certificate, not older than 12 months
A Proof of payment of fees & charges to the Authority

Some other documents that may be applicable for you are:

Copy of Marriage Certificate, not older than 12 months
Cohabitation agreement
Copy of Registered Partnership
Proof of enrollment in a Curaçao school
Employer's statement from your new employer in Curaçao
Proof of retirement

Costs you may face for the Residency Application

Authority fees: ANG 615 per person no matter the age. 

Costs for the Declaration of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag) and other documents vary

The Operator costs to assist you with the full application process differs per application. 

Based on the number of people a fee is charged bewteen ANG 800 -2,000.