Why Connect The Market?

Connect The Market was incorporated with the goal to make financial products more accessible to consumers whilst reducing the administrative and compliance burden of financial institutions.

Key benefits of using Connect The Market as a consumer include:

  • Fully digital communication with financial service providers through the CTM portal.
  • Highly automated and streamlined processes for each of the products and services offered by financial institutions on the portal.
  • Transparent overview of onboarding procedures and financial implications.
  • In depth information on all products and services.
  • Highly secured digital environment.

Key benefits for financial institutions include:

  • Embedded compliance throughout the onboarding process including KYC/KYB and AML verification reports.
  • Tailored SMART onboarding documents including digital signatures, log report & audit trails.
  • Algorithm support allows for automated categorization of risk profiles.
  • Access to custom dashboards for account managers & management.

Mission & vision of Connect The Market

  • Connect The Market’s mission is to make credit and insurance products more transparent, accessible and cheaper for consumers.
  • Connect The Market’s vision is to become the leading online services platform in the Dutch Caribbean & Latin America, offering a wide range of services that can be requested and obtained online and free of charge.

Why use Connect The Market to get your credit or insurance product?

  • Connect The Market is the only encrypted online system in the Dutch Caribbean that makes use of an anonymized efficient internal market system. Any application that is made by the consumer is evaluated and checked by various banks and insurance companies at the same time. The banks and insurance companies do not know what the other party offers and only the best deal is accepted and provided to the consumer, saving them time and best of all money. 

How can I access the platform?

  • Currently the platform facilitates consumers primarily living in Curaçao, Aruba, St. Maarten and the BES islands.
  • The platform is accessible online at www.connectthemarket.com

What products and services can I request through the platform?

  • Currently, the Connect The Market facilitates mortgage loans, re-mortgage applications, car loans, car insurance, building insurance, life insurance and appraisal reports. Future products will include real estate listings,  personal loans, pensions and other credit solutions.

Connect The Market’s business model

  • Connect The Market generates revenue through IP or license agreements with service providers that participate on the platform. Consumers can use the platform free of charge. Operators may charge a fee for a service.

What about Privacy?

  • Good question! The Connect The Market platform is an end-to-end encrypted platform that takes great care in protecting the personal information from consumers. Once an application is submitted, only the relevant service provider (for example a bank or insurance company can access your information through a unique decryption key). Information is stored in the Cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Connect The Market handles all data through General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

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