Want to pay off your mortgage earlier?

Reduce your mortgage duration and interest by overpaying monthly

Looking to settle your mortgage sooner or lower your monthly installments? Just input your information into our user-friendly overpayment calculator, and we'll show you the way. Here are your overpayment methods:

  • Contribute an extra amount monthly
  • Pay a large sum at once
  • Implement a mix of both strategies

Overpayment Calculator

Your currently montly repayment is approx. per month
Your new monthly payment could be approx. per month
Potential mortgage reduction
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Saving approx. during the length of the loan

Important Information

To depict potential savings, we've made the subsequent assumptions:

  • Your current payment is based on either your preceding monthly payment or the data you have put into the calculator.
  • Consistent monthly overpayments are made throughout the duration of the mortgage.
  • The interest rate will persist unchanged throughout the mortgage term.
  • All months have equal lengths; thus the monthly interest will not fluctuate.
  • Repayment sums are rounded up or down as needed to the nearest unit of currency for visual purposes.
  • The potential shortening of your mortgage repayment time is shown as a year/fraction, which is rounded for visual purposes.
  • The total annual overpayment does not exceed a maximum allowed by your mortgage agreement.

The calculator is designed solely for demonstration purposes. It does not offer an exact calculation of the time or interest you could save but aims to provide insights and guidance regarding possible savings. Please be aware that the calculator does not consider any charges for early total mortgage balance repayments and is based on a capital repayment mortgage. The overpayment calculator does not contain all the details necessary for you to choose or compare mortgages. We recommend that you obtain a Mortgage Illustration before making a mortgage choice.